NURS50100 Research Methods Unit Evaluation

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Master of Nursing degree Unit evaluation: Quality rated based on PG Evaluation of Study Unit Questionnaire (ESUQ)

Details of Project or Exemplar

NURS50100 Research Methods

Rate of Impact

3 High Impact

Impact or Dissemination

ESUQ Average=4.9/5, Range = 4.4-5

Overall, student feedback was very positive


Students enjoyed the programme. Lecturer was available and supportive. Evening lecturers were helpful for consolidating learning and preparing for assignments.

Considered one of the more interesting units in the program.

External moderator’s commendation:

The student information material provided a good introduction to the unit Research Methods.

I was pleased to see that the lecturer had provided a snap shot of his experience as a researcher as I think this provides credibility to teach the unit at the Masters level.

The information provided to the students was logically sequenced and provided an excellent guidance for the students who may have had little experience in the area of research.

The learning activities were appropriate to the level expected of a Master course work unit and gave the student the opportunity to prepare for each weeks module and develop the knowledge required to undertake the assessments.

The learning outcomes and objectives for this intermediate level unit have met by the requirements of the assessment tasks, the self-directed learning activities and recommended reading materials.

The sample of written assessments from pass to distinction provided a good overview of how the students have performed in this unit. The marking criteria provided for each assessment was sound and the lecturer’s comments provided helpful and encouraging feedback to the students.

My final comment after assessing all the material provided me to is that the unit Research Methods (NURS50100) is comparable to other higher education institutions

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