Reflective Journaling for Nursing Laboratories and Clinical Placement

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Reflective journaling for nursing laboratories and clinical placement

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Improved feedback from student learning through the introduction of reflective papers at the end of each lab and clinical experience. The information received from this source helped facilitate the improvement of some teaching techniques, especially the co-ordination of what is taught between two campuses and also managing the co-ordinating of teaching over each lab group. All lecturers now teaching in NURS 11000 and NURS 12000 plan lab sessions together so that our teaching plans and methods are all co-ordinated with one another. This improves ownership and opens discussion, thus generating a number of new fresh ideas. Lecturers helping in the lab also have the opportunity to receive feedback on how the students managed learning in the lab and students are very willing to acknowledge where they may still have difficulties, which gives us the opportunity to repeat or clarify information where there have been gaps in learning. These reflection papers have also been helpful in identifying student, facilitator and venue problems on clinical placement. Students experiencing traumatic events such as their first death will often write about it, giving them an opportunity to express themselves, but then also giving me the opportunity of being able to follow up on their coping skills and management of that experience.

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