Master of Nursing Reaccreditation

Publication Date



Master of Nursing Reaccreditation Course Convenor: Malcolm Anderson

Details of Project or Exemplar

The Master of Nursing course endorsed by the LTRP in September 2015 and approved by the College L&T on 2 December 2015.

Rate of Impact

3 High Impact

Impact or Dissemination

The program was highly commended by the LTRP with comments as follows:

Staff support for students was seen to be extensive, with students keen to pass on this information and to return to the College. Their enthusiasm and pride in the course was seen to be a real strength. Overall, it was obvious to the panel that Avondale provides a very supportive environment, including staff, physical environment, teaching and learning environment (especially the library and its team). We commend you on this level of support.

The work that has gone into this course review should be commended. The overall structure of the course, with the nested qualifications as exit points is positive, and should be well received by students. The 3 clear and succinct specialisations are seen to meet student needs and the theme of holism is definitely a positive feature. The inbuilt flexibility, allowing students to tailor their subjects to meet their needs was also considered a positive by the panel. Building publication/scholarship into the overall program is considered to be excellent, and seems to be successful. The major project was seen to be an extension of this support of publication and scholarship and was seen to be appropriate at this level of study and important to provide an opportunity for students to further develop their skills to go into further study. The inclusion of a leadership subject as a core subject, to build leadership with all the students completing this level of study was also found to be positive.

The Clinical Nursing specialisation with its focus on Lifestyle Medicine is excellent. This subject in particular was perceived by the panel to be innovative in addressing market requirements. More generally, the relevance to current nursing practice, especially advanced nursing practice as should be the case at masters’ level, was obvious.

The leadership and management specialisation was also commended, in particular the inclusion of human resource management, change management and accounting which were seen to be great additions to this specialisation. The assessment item to construct a financial report was also good. Nursing engagement in research within Avondale overall, was seen to be very positive. This includes the outcomes in the form of publications and grants.

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