Master of Nursing degree NURS56000 Promoting health Unit Evaluation

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Master of Nursing degree Unit - NURS56000 Promoting health External Moderator’s Report Unit Evaluation

Details of Project or Exemplar

Unit evaluation:

Quality rated based on PG Evaluation of Study Unit Questionnaire (ESUQ)

Locally – peer and student review

Rate of Impact

2 Medium Impact

Impact or Dissemination

ESUQ: Average score = 4.5/5 (High Quality)

Range= 4.5-5

Overall, student feedback was very positive


The package flowed well; information was clear, relevant and provided a substantial number of readings that assisted in completing assignments.

External Moderator’s Commendations: 11/2/15

"Once again I was impressed at the quality of the unit; it certainly meets AQF standards and ANMAC requirements and is also comparable to other higher education institutions. The structure was clear and concise and gave clear instruction to students on what they would be learning, what they needed to do, how they could achieve this, where to find the information. In relation to the Layout of the booklet I felt that this was formatted well which meets the needs of students who need to know exactly what they are doing and then the assessments.” “As in my prior review I would just like to congratulate you on the high quality of this unit as it certainly sets a high standard for others“.

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