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I have found the online students in Mathematics II (EDCP29300 & EDCP59300) and Classroom Management (EDUC22104 & EDUC52103) to be very appreciative of the way the online content is delivered. This included the: • ‘Re-recording’ of lectures to ensure it is easy to match the content covered - to the slides. • The clear Moodle layout that makes it easy to ‘find & follow’ what needs to be done each week. • The regular forum posts to keep students up-to-date. • The use of a variety of resources (e.g. articles, video clips) to support the content

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3 High Impact

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Distance student feedback has been very positive. An example from a student email is as follows: “Kevin I want to give you some positive feedback! Your lectures and how you have set out the resources on Moodle for distance students are the best I have come across. They are so interesting, straight forward and easy to grasp. I wish all lecturers delivered their content this way! Thanks for being so new age and clear in the way you teach.”

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