NURS550100 Research Methods Unit Evaluation

Publication Date



Master of Nursing degree Unit evaluation: Quality rated based on PG Evaluation of Study Unit Questionnaire (ESUQ)

Details of Project or Exemplar

NURS550100 Research Methods

Rate of Impact

3 High Impact

Impact or Dissemination

ESUQ: Average= 4.8/5, Range= 4.7-5

Overall, student feedback was very positive


“Malcolm responded to questions and concerns promptly. This Moodle site was very user friendly, information was readily accessible. I enjoyed the content of this unit”.

“Very appropriate to my continuing professional growth. I really appreciated the lecturer’s approachability and understanding. Workload was very reasonable and realistic! This unit has done a lot to alleviate my apprehension regarding conducting and critiquing research”.

“This was a good course enabling me to focus on nursing research, which is useful to my work. The course was well sequenced and progressed logically through the topics. I was able to pace my work and absorb the information at a pace that suited me. The regular demands of the prescribed activities ensured I kept up –to-date and did not fall behind. I appreciated the lectures that were on quantitative and qualitative research. I found the lecturer supportive at all times and thought I had easy access to him when required. Overall, this was a positive and rewarding experience”.

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