NURS550100 Research Methods Unit Evaluation

Publication Date



Master of Nursing degree Unit evaluation: Quality rated based on PG Evaluation of Study Unit Questionnaire (ESUQ)

Details of Project or Exemplar

NURS550100 Research Methods

Rate of Impact

3 High Impact

Impact or Dissemination

ESUQ: Average= 5/5, Range= 5

Overall, student feedback was very positive


“The assignments and learning activities were challenging. They were really good to stimulate our critical thinking and analysis. Thank you for your constant communication, it made me feel valued as a student…... I’m looking forward to having you again as my lecturer with the remainder of my course”.

“Research was something I had not given much thought to prior to undertaking this course. However, now it is something I see extremely relevant to nursing. Malcolm was an amazing lecturer who always made himself available to clarify questions and concerns for which I am truly grateful. He made the learning experience of a subject that could be a bit confusing all the clearer”.

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