Book Chapters from 2016

Massage Therapy: General, Susan Davis


The Heart of Nursing: Attentive Listening and Serving Stories, Paul T. Race, Carolyn Rickett, and Alison Smedley

Book Chapters from 2015


‘Lifeworlds’ of Seventh-day Adventist Female Pastors, Drene Somasundram

Book Chapters from 2014

Nursing Care of People Experiencing Pain, Tanya Critchlow

Prognosis or Prophecy?, Jill Gordon

Symptoms Without Disease: Territory Without a Map, Jill Gordon

Book Chapters from 2013

Learning Medicine from the Humanities, Jill Gordon and Martyn Evans


The Place of Patient-Centred Care in Medical Professional Culture: A Qualitative Study, Wendy Lipworth, Miles Little, Jill Gordon, Pippa Markham, and Ian Kerridge


Spirituality, Drene Somasundram

Book Chapters from 2011

The Imperative to Breastfeed: An Australian Perspective, Athena Sheehan and Virginia Schmied

Book Chapters from 2010

Diagnosis: Telling and Hearing, Jill Gordon

Book Chapters from 2008

The Response to Suffering, Jill Gordon

Teaching Clinical Reasoning to Medical Students, Ann Sefton, Jill Gordon, and Michael Field

Book Chapters from 2006


A Contemporary Model for Understanding Family Functioning and the Psychological Distress in Relatives of People with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, Malcolm Anderson, Grahame K. Simpson, Magdalena M. Mok, and Trevor R. Paramenter

Book Chapters from 2005


Management of Patients with Neurologic Infections, Autoimmune Disorders, and Neuropathies, Malcolm Anderson


Management of Patients with Neurologic Trauma, Malcolm Anderson

Book Chapters from 2003

Does Reading Poetry Make You a Better Clinician?, Jill Gordon

One to One Teaching and Feedback, Jill Gordon

Book Chapters from 2002


Listening, Jill Gordon