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Fasugba, O., Beckingham, W., Koerner, J., Mitchell, B. G., Bennett, N., & Gardner, A. (2016, March). A point prevalence study of healthcare associated urinary tract infections in Australian acute and aged care facilities. Poster presented at the Congress of the International Federation of Infection Control, Vienna, Austria.


060502 Infectious Agents| 111716 Preventive Medicine


Most healthcare-associated urinary tract infections (HAUTIs) including catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) are potentially preventable through implementation of effective strategies. To provide the foundation for a national point prevalence study of HAUTIs including CAUTIs, a three phase project was developed. This study reports the findings of Phase II which aimed to (1) pilot an online process including online database for conducting point prevalence survey of HAUTIs and CAUTIs and (2) determine the point prevalence of HAUTIs and CAUTIs in acute and aged care facilities.


Used by permission: the author(s).

This poster was also presented at the Canberra Health Annual Reseach Meeting (CHARM) Conference in 2016.

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