Submissions from 2022


Building Evidence for Strategies to Prevent Healthcare acquired Infections, Brett G. Mitchell

Submissions from 2020

Book: Paul's Use of the Creation Story in 1 Corinthians 15, Kayle de Waal

Teachers’ Perspectives of the Impact of COVID-19 Shutdowns, and how they Perceive the Future, for Adventist Schools Australia (ASA) Schools, Peter W. Kilgour, Maria T. Northcote, Jason K. Morton, and Kirsty Pearce

The Practice of Lifestyle Medicine on Physician Wellbeing, Darren Morton and Simon Matthews

7 Dimensions of Wellbeing, Darren Morton, Carolyn Rickett, and Lynnette Lounsbury

Threshold Concepts of Higher Degree Research (HDR) Supervisors at Avondale, Maria T. Northcote, Peter W. Kilgour, Lynnette Lounsbury, and Joe Luca

The Relationship Between School Climate and Faith Engagement in Schools, Kevin Petrie and Peter W. Kilgour

Book chapter: Christian Responses to Extra-biblical Data on the Flood from 1500 to 1860 + publication of second edition of book: The Biblical Flood, Lynden Rogers and Robert K. McIver

What Happens Next? Novel Approaches for Extending Professional Recognition Schemes: Building Critical Reflective Practice in the Post-Award Phase, Luk Swiatek, Jennifer Coburn, Anamaria Ducasse, Maria T. Northcote, Lee Partridge, and Nirma Samarawickrema

Submissions from 2019

Investigating the Qualitative and Quantitative indicators of Growth in the Missions and Conference of the Papau New Guinea Union Mission of the SDA Church, Kayle B. de Waal, Peter Beamish, Erika Puni, and Hensley Gungadoo

Book: Gourmet ANZACS: More than Bully Beef and Biscuits, Daniel Reynaud

Book: Spiritual Lives of 21 ANZACS, Daniel Reynaud

The Ministry of Presence: Chaplaincy Practices for the Spiritual and Holistic Support of Patients Nearing End of Life, Carolyn Rickett

Therapeutic Benefits of Writers Narrating Trauma, Carolyn Rickett

Submissions from 2018

Book: The Valley of a Thousand Fauna, Terry J. Annable, Howard J. Fisher, Jason K. Morton, and Maurice G. Ashton

Women in Christian Higher Education Institutions, Lisa Barnes, Maria T. Northcote, Carolyn Rickett, and Lynnette Lounsbury

Being in Nature, Being in God: Nature Experiences and the Young Child’s Felt Sense of God, Beverly Christian

Investigating the Status of Six Church Plants on Seventh-day Adventist School Campuses, Kayle de Waal, Peter Beamish, Jason Hinze, and Erika Puni

Following Jesus Projects The Impact of a Short Term Venture to the Holy Lands on Christian Educators, Phil Fitzsimmons, Julie-Anne Heise, Sherene J. Hattingh, and Paul Hattingh

Puppetry for EQ A study into how the use of Puppets can Impact the Emotional Intelligence of Students at Year 4 Level, Andrew Matthes

STEM Goes Outdoors – Integrating Outdoors, Nature and STEM into Christian Schooling, Andrew Matthes, Beverly Christian, and Sandra Ludlow

Book: Verbatim Parallels Synopticon of the Gospels with Statistics, Robert K. McIver

Bullying in Faith-based Schools A comparison of Bullying in Adventist Schools to the General Population, Kevin Petrie

Integration of Faith and Learning Avondale Students’ Perceptions of how they Believe Faith and Learning is Integrated at College, Kevin Petrie, Phil Fitzsimmons, Julie-Anne Heise, and Sherene J. Hattingh

The Impact of Faith Development Activities on Self-Reported Measures of School Climate, Kevin Petrie, David McClintock, Gary Marsters, and Peter Lindsay

Investigating the Reasons why Missionaries Return Home Early. Project 1: development of an International Service Employees’ (ISE) Permanent Return (PR) Survey that will investigate reasons of early PR of some missionaries to their home divisions Project 2: focus group (FG) research on why ISE from NAD apply for PR and leave their mission fields after relatively short term of their mission experience, Kevin Petrie, Anthony Williams, Jason Morton, Paul Race, and David Tasker

The Impact of an Online Multimodal Intervention on the Mental Health and Overall Wellness of an Australasian-based Cohort, Mel Renfrew and Darren Morton

Spiritual Lives of 21 ANZACS, Daniel Reynaud

Christian Early Childhood Educational Leadership. This research project explored the beliefs, values and practices of four leaders of CEECCs in New South Wales, Australia from four different denominational groups. Using the tools of grounded theory in a three-round hermeneutic dialectic, the question of whether Christian faith was integrated into their practice was examined; and if so, how this was done, Marion Shields

Head, Hand & Heart: Attitude Change in Pre-service Teachers. Within the field of education, the literature indicates a resistance by teachers to having children with special needs in their classes, despite its mandated status. This project assesses the attitudes of pre-service primary and secondary teachers towards the inclusion of students with special needs both before and after a unit on inclusion, Marion Shields

Youth Ministry – The Lived Experience, Anthony P. Williams, Peter W. Kilgour, John Skrzypaszek, and Kevin Petrie

Submissions from 2017

2017 Global Church Member Survey – South Pacific Division, Peter Beamish, David Tasker, Kayle de Waal, Kevin Petrie, Lindsay Morton, Rob McIver, and Anthony Williams

Connecting Children to God through Nature: Why we Should and How we Can, Beverly Christian

Nature-based Learning in Christian Schools: Essential Element or Optional Extra?, Beverly Christian

Primary Pre-service Teachers' Perceptions of Course Related Factors that Enhance Instructional Self-efficacy, Beverly Christian

Are Christian Schools Really Christian? Perceptions of Final-year Pre-service Teachers in Australia, Beverly Christian and Peter Beamish

Wellbeing Education for Educators A Report of a 10 week Wellbeing Intervention with a Cohort of Christian College Students, Jason Hinze and Darren Morton

Tracking the Efficacy of the Encounter Adventist Curriculum: A Longitudinal Investigation in Purposively Selected Australian and New Zealand Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Peter Kilgour, Phil Fitzsimmons, and Bev Christian

Old School or Cutting Edge? An Examination of Ellen White’s View on Education from a Best Practice Twenty-first Century Viewpoint, Peter W. Kilgour and Beverly Christian

Solomon Island Government Funding of Adventist Schools A history of the introduction of and reactions to government funding of Adventist schools in the Solomon Islands, Peter W. Kilgour and Joseph Pitakia

Australian Government Funding of Adventist Schools A history of the introduction of and reactions to government funding of Adventist schools in Australia, Peter W. Kilgour and Anthony P. Williams

Healthcare Associated Infection Point Prevalence Study, Brett Mitchell, Allen Cheng, Tracey Bucknall, and Andrew J. Stewardson

Reducing Urinary Catheter Use: A Randomised Controlled Study on the Efficiacy of an Electronic Reminder System, Brett Mitchell, Maria Northcote, Oyebola Fasugba, Hannah Rosebrock, Philip L. Russo, Allen Cheng, Victoria Gregory, and Gabrielle Milgate

The Influence of Human Support on the Adherence to, and Outcomes of, an Online, Lifestyle-based Mental Health Intervention, Geraldine Przybylko and Darren Morton

Women of Faith: Exploring the Lived Experience of Women in Ministry in the Pacific, Brad Watson, Wendy Jackson, Drene Somasundram, and Lyell Heise

Submissions from 2016

A Study of the Membership of the South Pacific Division, Peter Beamish, David Tasker, Kayle de Waal, Kevin Petrie, Lindsay Morton, Rob McIver, and Anthony Williams

Academic-industry Integration in Health: Enhancing Postgraduate Professional Learning for Specialty Infection Control Practice, Deborough MacBeth, Brett Mitchell, and Ramon Z. Shaban

Perceptions Held by Employees of SDA Organizations of their Relationship to the Mission of the Church, Rob McIver, Anthony Williams, Peter Kilgour, Wendy Jackson, Sherry Hattingh, and Stephen J. Currow

The Use of Twitter in Infection Prevention and Control Conferences, Brett G. Mitchell

Using Online Teaching Threshold Concepts in Transformative Professional Learning Curricula for Novice Online Educators, Maria Northcote, Daniel Reynaud, Peter Kilgour, Chris Boddey, Catherine McLoughlin, Tony Rickards, and Kevin P. Gosselin

Impact of Resilience on the Longer-term Well-being of Family Caregivers, Service Utilisation and Client Community Participation, Grahame K. Simpson, Malcolm Anderson, Bamini Gopinath, and Ian Cameron


Owning the Rubric: Student Engagement in Rubric Design, Use and Moderation, Anthony Williams, Maria Northcote, Peter Kilgour, Bev Christian, Carolyn Rickett, Wendy Jackson, Jason Morton, Andrew Kilgour, and Sue Joseph

Submissions from 2015

The Ethical Supervision of Literary Journalism: Managing Long Form Trauma Narrative within the Australian Tertiary Sector, Carolyn Rickett and Sue Joseph

Submissions from 2014

South Pacific Discipleship Research Project, Kayle de Waal, Kevin Petrie, Sherry Hattingh, Lindsay Morton, and Rick Ferret


Researching Effective Approaches to Cleaning in Hospitals (REACH), Nicholas Graves, Kate Halton, Adrian Barnett, Anne Gardner, Brett Mitchell, David Paterson, Christian Gericke, Tom Riley, Lisa Hall, and Katie Page

The Merged Reflect/Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) in the South Pacific, Lillian Kent, Darren Morton, and Kesaia Vasutoga

The Burden of Urinary Tract Infections in an Australian Setting, Brett Mitchell, Malcolm Anderson, John K. Ferguson, and Adrian Barnett

Healthcare Associated Urinary Tract Infections: Proof of Concept for National Online Surveillance System (STRUTI), Brett Mitchell, Anne Gardner, and Wendy Beckingham

Risk of Organism Acquisition and Prior Room Occupancy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Brett G. Mitchell, Stephanie Dancer, and Malcolm Anderson

Surveillance to Reduce Urinary Tract Infections (STRUTI), Brett G. Mitchell, Anne Gardner, and Wendy Beckingham

Nurse Staffing and Risk of Infection: Systematic Review and Meta Analysis, Brett Mitchell, Lisa Hall, Anne Gardner, and Patricia Stone

Higher Education Students' Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) and their use of Technology for Assessment Purposes, Maria T. Northcote, Lynnette Lounsbury, Paula M. Mildenhall, David Bolton, and Kwong Nui Sim

Develop and Implement an Institutional Framework to Support and Improve Supervision of Honours and Higher Degree Research Students, Maria Northcote, Anthony Williams, Kevin Petrie, Kayle de Waal, Malcolm Anderson, and Brett Mitchell


Students’ Responsiveness to Adaptively Released Assessment Feedback. But When Do I Get My Mark?, Anthony Williams, Maria Northcote, and Lindsay Morton

Submissions from 2013

Graduate Nurses Knowledge of Infection Prevention and Control, Brett Mitchell, Richard Say, Anne Wells, Linda Cloete, and Lucinda Matheson

Submissions from 2012

Developing and Testing Models for Benchmarking and Moderation of Assessment for Private Higher Education Providers, Juhani Tuovinen, Jane L. Fernandez, Terrence Dachs, and David Morgan

Submissions from 2011

Motives for Tithing amongst Seventh-Day Adventist Members, Analysis of Age-related Giving Patterns and Other Tithe-related Matters, Rob McIver and Stephen Currow

Seventh-Day Adventist Institutional Employees and their Relationship to Mission: A Survey to Identify Ways to Prevent Institutional Drift in Seventh-Day Adventist Institutions, Rob McIver, Barry Gane, and Rick Ferret

Submissions from 2010


Incorporating Student Experience and Transformative Learning into Curriculum Design and Planning of Undergraduate Theological Degrees, Peter Sherlock, Gerard Moore, Mark Harding, Neil Holm, Robert McIver, and Neil Ormerod

Submissions from 2007


Uncovering Theology: The Depth, Reach and Utility of Australian Theological Education, Charles Sherlock, Mark Harding, Neil Ormerod, Robert McIver, and Gerard Moore