Writing Retreat for Nursing Academic Staff 2014-2016

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Type of Scholarly Contribution

G Undertaking higher level qualifications or broader qualifications, H Individual or collaborative activities, e.g. 'journal clubs', to remain abreast of developments in a field, combined with reflective practice, I Undertaking advanced specialised practice or scholarly secondments


High Impact


Writing Retreat - Facilitator: M Anderson - Local - The goal of the retreat is to produce a paper for a conference, or a journal article (ready for publication), a research proposal, or a chapter of a thesis or book. Dates: 7-8 June 2016; 1-2 July and 4-5 November 2015; 11-12 June and 14-15 November 2014

Description of Scholarly Activity

Writing Retreat for nursing academic staff - Clinical Education Centre, Sydney Campus

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