MA Course Review

Publication Date


Type of Scholarly Contribution

B Evidence-based course reviews or improvements based on scholarship


High Impact


MA course review -The steps taken so far include: 1.Tabulating progress of each MA student on a spreadsheet 2.Determining which units need to be taught over the next few years to bring each student’s course to completion 3.Rationalising units to reduce the number of units offered, thus making the course more cost-effective 4.Meeting with major stakeholders to determine the way forward and discussing ways to increase intake 5.Rationalising the many specialty streams so that we offer what the stakeholders see as their need 6.Reviewing individual units and bringing them into line

Description of Scholarly Activity

Most of my time in this space has been trying to pull together the loose threads of the MA program. It has become not only unwieldy, but also out-dated, so that each element that has been reviewed has revealed yet more facets that need attention.

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