Denizens of the Dora : An Inventory of the Fauna of the Dora Creek Catchment, New South Wales

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Annable, T., Fisher, H., Ashton, M., & Morton, J. K. (2018). Denizens of the dora: An inventory of the Fauna of the Dora Creek Catchment, New South Wales. Cooranbong, Australia: Avondale Academic Press.

ISBN: 9780987639264


050202 Conservation and Biodiversity| 060202 Community Ecology| 060302 Biogeography and Phylogeography

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Denizens of the Dora is an inventory of the vertebrate and invertebrate fauna of the catchment of Dora Creek, NSW, the largest tributary catchment of Lake Macquarie. About 1,600 animal species have been reported from this small area (230 sq. km). This book documents the present composition of the fauna of the catchment and serves as a reference point for assessment of future changes that may come as a result of climate change and the intensification of human activities and impacts. The inventory also highlights the shortfall in knowledge of the invertebrate fauna, both locally and nationally. The inventory will be of use to members of the public interested in knowing what lives in their environment and can be used to narrow the range of possibilities when attempting to identify some bug, bird or beast. The colour photographs illustrate 56 vertebrate and 131 invertebrate species.


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