This collection showcases research by Avondale affiliated staff from the School of Science and Mathematics as chapters in published books.


Book Chapters from 2020


Responses by Christian Scholars to Extra-Biblical Data on the Flood from 1500 to 1860, Lynden J. Rogers

Book Chapters from 2015


The Western Health Reform Institute, Paul U. Cameron and Lynden Rogers


Science: Once Rejected by the Prophet but Now Profiting Adventist Health?, Lynden Rogers

Book Chapters from 2014


The Place of the History of Chemistry in the Teaching and Learning of Chemistry, Kevin C. de Berg

Book Chapters from 2013

Arrhenius and Armstrong: How Active Opponents in the History of Chemistry Became Major Contributors to Modern Electrolyte Chemistry, Kevin C. de Berg

Book Chapters from 2011

Theoretical Spectroscopies of Iron-Containing Enzymes and Biomimetics, Shengfa Ye, Gemma J. Christian, Caiyun Geng, and Frank Neese

Book Chapters from 2008


Conceptual Depth and Conceptual Usefulness in Chemistry: Issues and Challenges for Chemistry Educators, Kevin C. de Berg