This collection showcases research published by Avondale affiliated staff from the School of Science and Mathematics in conference proceedings.


Conference Papers from 2017


Nineteenth-Century Adventist Understanding of the Flood, Cornelis S. Bootsman, Lynden Rogers, and Kevin C. de Berg


Seventh-day Adventism, Geology, and the Flood: An Historical Perspective from 1900 to 2015, Kevin C. de Berg


What a Catastrophe!― Science Abandons Uniformitarianism?, Lynden Rogers

Conference Papers from 2014


A Study of the Christian Public's Engagement with the New Geology of the 19th Century and its Implications for the Succeeding Centuries, Cornelis Siebe Bootsman, Kevin C. de Berg, and Lynden Rogers

Conference Papers from 2013


The Interaction Between Facts, Ideas, and Language in Lavoisier's Chemistry Practice: The Case of the Study of the Composition of Air, Kevin C. de Berg

Conference Papers from 2003


A Creation Perspective on Economics, Ecology and Environment, Howard J. Fisher

Conference Papers from 1987

Long Term Persistence of Nitrosamine-Induced Structural Damage to Heterochromatic DNA, Bernard W. Stewart and Ewan Ward