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de Berg, K. C. (1999). Integrating science and scripture: The case of Robert Boyle. In H. Rasi (Ed.),Christ in the Classroom. Paper presented at the International Faith and Learning Seminar, Andrews University, Berrien Spring (pp. 81-95). Silver Spring, MD: Institute for Christian Teaching.


In this paper I will address Boyle's understanding of Scripture and Nature and seek to outline those features of his philosophy, which enable him to integrate religious and scientific activity in a way that was faithful to both Religion and Science. I will depend predominantly or primary source material for this and on a recently published work by Jan Wojcik entitled, "Robert Boyle and the Limits of Reason" (1997). This paper is also significant from the point of view of post-modernism's criticism of Science, which, while making some legitimate criticism of the way Science has fragmented out thinking through scientism, often forgets about the kinds of legitimate problems that Science has been able to solve for humankind. By looking forwards into the modern era from the past one can balance the post-modern view of Science, which looks backwards into the modern era from the present. I will conclude the paper with a discussion on how Boyle's philosophy might help us in the current origins debate and in issues related to chemistry curricular in colleges and universities.


Used by permission: Institute for Christian Teaching