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This article discusses the leadership crisis

looming in schools. With fewer people aspiring

to take on school leadership, school education

systems must consider the drivers and barriers

of school leadership aspiration. This article

describes the perceptions of respondents

from three hierarchical levels within a faithbased

education system as to the factors

influencing their willingness or unwillingness

to consider school leadership positions. This

research explored survey data, both quantitative

and qualitative, relating to school leadership

aspirations and influences with regard to

applying for school leadership positions.

Five factors were found to influence the

unwillingness of respondents to consider school

leadership positions, while seven factors were

identified to influence willingness to consider

school leadership positions. Additionally,

four influence factors were identified which, if

significantly improved, would act to increase

respondent aspiration and thus influence their

willingness to consider school leadership

positions in the future.

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