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Christian schools are faith-based communities offering education consistent with their particular approach to the Christian faith. Using language such as “Bible-based” or “Christ-centred”, Christian schools routinely suggest they provide a distinctively Christian approach to education. Central to the preservation of this approach is the teacher.

This paper is based on research into Christian Education National (CEN) teachers’ understandings of the purposes of Christian schooling and how students are exposed to Christianity within the school, including their classrooms.

This research identified that, despite varied understandings of the purposes for, or goals of, Christian schooling, teachers perceived that the Christian faith should be evident across all aspects of the Christian school.

Within classrooms, in addition to Bible reading, classroom devotions, and prayer, teachers suggested students were exposed to the Christian faith through the example set by staff. Further, teachers taught from a Christian perspective, or connected curriculum content with the Christian faith as opportunities arose.

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