39 EDUCATION| 3901 Curriculum and pedagogy| 390306 Secondary education| 390410 Multicultural education (excl. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Māori and Pacific Peoples)

Avondale Research Centre

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Geography, as taught in schools, traditionally engages students in field trips which have a 'hands-on' approach towards exploring the physical and human environment. However, there is a trend towards running virtual field trips as sophisticated technologies enable more realistic on-line experiences. This investigation explores past and current literature about field trips and evaluates them against the aims of the Australian Geography Curriculum. The literature reveals that virtual field trips have the potential to offer equal and sometimes superior opportunities to meet the curriculum aims relating to knowledge and understanding. The literature also suggests that on-site field trips potentially offer a stronger emotional connection that may lead to realising the aims of respect, tolerance and informed and active citizenship beyond the classroom.

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