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Cosmology and Design


Over the past decade, controversy over Design has centred on biological complexity and the origin and diversification of life. This is understandable, since molecular biology is advancing rapidly, and also because the most visible exponents of design have been those in the Intelligent Design (ID) movement, many of whom, like Michael Behe, are biologists. Interestingly, many high-profile Christians within the scientific community have rejected the ID package, but have strongly endorsed a more cautious design argument. Although certainly not insurmountable, these differing views present considerable challenges for Christian teachers attempting an honest, carefully nuanced discussion of the design implications of the biosphere. Another hot area which has significantly informed the modern Design argument is that of astrophysics and cosmology. There has been much less controversy among Christians participating in this discussion, largely because the ID movement has not focused on this data. This paper attempts to assist teachers by briefly articulating a form of the design argument which is generally accepted by thinking Christians and then by presenting some cosmological arguments within this framework. Some of these should be accessible to senior secondary Science students.

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