Everest. Sherpas. The world’s only nonquadrilateral

flag. The country? Nepal, of course.

The nine Avondale College of Higher Education

students who visited June 17 - July 15 learned

much more about this landlocked nation,

though. Rough roads ran beside raging rapids.

Patriarchy and entrenched poverty. The caste

system, the influence of climate change both

impacting a vulnerable but proud people fighting

for a better life.

The trip served as the practical component of one of

our international poverty and development studies

units. We’d previously completed other units in the

course and prepared extensively throughout first

semester for the trip. During our month in Nepal, we

traversed 19 of its 75 districts to visit 15 villages, all

beneficiaries of Adventist Development and Relief

Agency (ADRA) projects.

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