Books from 2019

Mission Umdenken, Kayle de Waal

Books from 2018

Salvation: Contours of Adventist Soteriology, Martin F. Hanna, Darius Jankiewicz, and John W. Reeve

Verbatim and Gist Parallels Between the Gospels: Coded Greek Synopsis and Selected Statistics, Robert K. McIver

Books from 2017

Mission Shift: Multiplying Disciples in Your Community, Kayle de Waal

Authority, Unity and Freedom of Conscience, David H. Thiele and Brad Kemp

Books from 2016

No One Better: Essays in Honour of Dr. Norman H. Young, Kayle de Waal and Robert McIver

1 and 2 Peter, Robert McIver

Tithing Practices Among Seventh-day Adventists: A Study of Tithe Demographics and Motives in Australia, Brazil, England, Kenya and the United States, Robert McIver

Be a Blessing: The Theology of Work in the Narrative of Genesis, Elizabeth E. Ostring

Books from 2015

Grounds for Assurance and Hope: Selected Biblical and Historical Writings of Bryan W. Ball, Bryan W. Ball and Robert K. McIver

Passover Haggadah, Jennifer Betham-Lang and Roger Lang

Fulton's Story: Commemorating 110 Years of Seventh-day Adventist Tertiary Education in Fiji, Stephen Currow and L. Bruce Potter

An Aural-Performance Analysis of Revelation I and II, Kayle de Waal

Ancient Words, Present Hope: What the Old Testament Teaches us about Revelation, Kayle de Waal

South Pacific Perspectives on Ordination: Biblical, Theological and Historical Studies in an Adventist Context, Graeme J. Humble and Robert K. McIver

Chaplains of ANZAC : New Zealand's Fallen Chaplains of the Great War, Roger Lang and Jennifer Betham-Lang

Biblical Missionaries, Borge Schantz and Steven Thompson

Rebellion and Redemption, David Tasker

Books from 2014

The English Connection: The Puritan Roots of Seventh-day Adventist Belief, Bryan W. Ball


Hermeneutics, Intertextuality and the Contemporary Meaning of Scripture, Ross Cole and Paul B. Petersen


Asking Big Questions: Targeting a Christian Apologetics Film Series Using Market Research, Grenville J. Kent

Biblical and Theological Studies on the Trinity, Paul B. Petersen and Robert McIver

Books from 2013

Live Your Festive Heritage: A Jewish Holiday Handbook for the Christian, Jennifer Betham-Lang


Hanging Between The Stars, Daniel Ionita, Eva Foster, and Daniel Reynaud

Books from 2012


In the Beginning: Science and Scripture Confirm Creation, Bryan W. Ball


A Socio-Rhetorical Interpretation of the Seven Trumpets of Revelation: The Apocalyptic Challenge to Earthly Empire, Kayle B. de Waal


South Pacific Island Nations Valuegenesis Study 1 Core Report: A Study of Faith Development and Values Formation in Seventh-Day Adventist Adolescents and Youth Aged 12-18 Years, A Barry Gane


Valuegenesis II Study 1 Core Report: A Comparative Study of Faith Development and Values Formation in Seventh-day Adventist Adolescents and Youth aged 12-18 years in Two Generations, A Barry Gane


Mainstream and Marginal: the Matthean Community in Early Christianity, Robert McIver

Books from 2011

Say It Again Sam: A Literary and Filmic Study of Narrative Repetition in 1 Samuel 28, Grenville J. Kent


Memory, Jesus, and the Synoptic Gospels, Robert K. McIver

Books from 2010

Messianic Jewish Aliyah: The Significance and Challenge of Modern Israeli Immigration for the Messianic Jew, Jennifer Betham-Lang


Loving Them Back, Leading Them Home: Any Church Is Only One Generation Away from Extinction, A Barry Gane


He Began With Moses..: Preaching the Old Testament Today, Grenville J. Kent, Paul J. Kissling, and Laurence A. Turner


The Warrior Messiah in Scripture and Intertestamental Writings., Sook-Young Kim


Reckless Love, Bruce Manners


Faith of the Anzacs, Daniel Reynaud

Books from 2009


The Seventh-day Men: Sabbatarians and Sabbatarianism in England and Wales, 1600-1800, Bryan W. Ball

The Magisterium and Theologians in the Writings of Avery R. Dulles: The Conflicting Legacy of the Second Vatican Council, Darius Jankiewicz

Books from 2008


The Soul Sleepers: Christian Mortalism from Wycliffe to Priestley, Bryan W. Ball


Charisma and Routinisation in a Millennialist Community: Seventh-day Adventist Identity, Richard B. Ferret


Desmond Ford: Reformist Theologian, Gospel Revivalist, Milton Hook

Books from 2007


Can We Still Believe the Bible? : and Does it Really Matter?, Bryan W. Ball

Books from 2006


People are Human: Look What They Did to Ellen White, Graeme Bradford


Beyond the Da Vinci Code : Exposing Myths and Lies About Jesus and Christianity, Robert K. McIver

Books from 2005


The French Pilot: A Seafaring Tale of Adventure and Faith, Allen Steele

Books from 2004


Valuegenesis - Ten Years Later : A Study of Two Generations, V Bailey Gillespie, Michael J. Donahue, A Barry Gane, and Edward C. Boyatt


Ancient Near Eastern Literature and the Hebrew Scriptures About the Fatherhood of God, David Tasker

Books from 2003


Prophets are Human, Graeme Bradford

Books from 2002

The Essential Jesus: The Man, His Message, His Mission, Bryan W. Ball and William G. Johnsson

Books from 2001


New Testament Greek Made Easier, Robert K. McIver


The Elements of New Testament Greek., John W. Wenham, Norman H. Young, and Jonathan T. Pennington


Syntax Lists for Students of New Testament, Norman H. Young

Books from 2000

Revisioning Mission: Avondale's Greater Vision, Stephen Currow


The Four Faces of Jesus, Robert K. McIver


Meaning for the New Millennium: The Christian Faith from a Seventh-day Adventist Perspective, Robert K. McIver and Ray C. Roennfeldt


Reading with New Eyes: Exploring Scripture Through Literary Genre, Daniel Reynaud

Books from 1997


Building Youth Ministry: A Foundational Guide, A Barry Gane


Youth Ministry and the Transmission of Beliefs and Values, A Barry Gane

Ezekiel: Through Crisis to Glory, Robert McIver


Avondale and the South Pacific: 100 Years of Mission, Barry D. Oliver, Alexander S. Currie, and Douglas E. Robertson

Books from 1994


Parents, Adolescents and Religion, Bradley J. Strahan and South Pacific Division of Seventh-Day Adventists, Valuegenesis Management Committee

Books from 1990


Church Leader's Manual, Douglas Robertson

Books from 1989

SDA Organizational Structure: Past, Present and Future, Barry Oliver


Innocence Regained: The Fight to Free Lindy Chamberlain, Norman H. Young

Books from 1985


Rebuke and Challenge: The Point of Jesus' Parables, Norman H. Young

Books from 1975

A Great Expectation: Eschatological Thought in English Protestantism to 1660, Bryan W. Ball