Hermeneutics, Intertextuality and the Contemporary Meaning of Scripture

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Cole, R. & Petersen, P. (Eds.). (2014). Hermeneutics, intertextuality and the contemporary meaning of scripture. Hindmarsh, Australia: ATF Press.

ISBN: 9781921817977


220401 Christian Studies (incl. Biblical Studies and Church History)

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’Did Matthew ”twist” the Scriptures?’ ’Where did Satan come from?’ ’My Reading? Your Reading? Author (-ity) and Postmodern Hermeneutics.’ ’Paul and Moses: Hermeneutics from the Top Down.’ Learning from Ellen White’s Perception and Use of Scripture: Toward An Adventist Hermeneutic For The Twenty-First Century. Questions and issues like these are presented in this selection of papers and presentations from a Bible conference at Avondale College on the broad topic of intertextuality. More than 100 scholars and administrators convened and shared their research as well as their personal perspectives on how to read and apply holy Scripture in the 21st century. This anthology contains a representative sample of their studies and reflections [from publisher website].


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