Live Your Festive Heritage: A Jewish Holiday Handbook for the Christian

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Betham-Lang, J. (2013). Live your festive heritage: A Jewish holiday handbook for the Christian. United States: Kamel Press.

ISBN: 9781624870033


220401 Christian Studies (incl. Biblical Studies and Church History)| 220404 Jewish Studies| 220405 Religion and Society

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This book is written for all believers who enjoy exploring the Word of God, embracing new insights, and experiencing more of our Creator. With an extensive background in Christian and Jewish study, Dr. Betham-Lang takes you through a discovery of Jewish holidays and ignites a passionate understanding of how Judaism and Christianity are more closely related that you might imagine. An accurate understanding of Christianity relies upon one's understanding of the Jewish culture and the Semitic theology of the Church's foundations. This includes, to a very great extent, the holidays and feasts of the Bible. Often ignored in Christian circles, these holidays are unwrapped gifts free for the taking. They compliment and enhance the Christian interpretation and understanding of the world's Redeemer. This valuable resource observes the New and Old Testament in celebrating God's love. Dr. Betham-Lang explains Jewish holidays, provides recipes for observing them, and inspires an appreciation for the deep connection of Christianity to its roots in Judaism.


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