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Jankiewicz, D. (2018). Jesus Christ: Savior and example. In J. Moskala, & J. Peckham (Eds.), God’s character and the last generation (pp. 155-173). Nampa, ID: Pacific Press.

ISBN: 9780816363612


220401 Christian Studies (incl. Biblical Studies and Church History)| 220405 Religion and Society


This chapter explains how Jesus, as both fully divine and fully human, can be our Savior as well as our example. In the discussion over LGT, much attention has been given to the humanity of Christ, and the author takes up this issue, asking whether Jesus was really just like us and indeed whether he needed to be just like us in order to be our example.


Used by permission: Pacific Press Publishing Association and the author.

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At the time of writing Darius Jankiewicz was affiliated with Andrews University.

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