Hermeneutics of Parable Interpretation in Ellen White Compared to Those of Archbishop Trench

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McIver, R. (2014). Hermeneutics of parable interpretation in Ellen White compared to those of Archbishop Trench. In R.Cole & P.Peterson (Eds.), Hermeneutics, intertextuality and the contemporary meaning of scripture (pp.141-151). Hindmarsh, Australia: ATF Press.

ISBN: 978 1 921817 97 7


220401 Christian Studies (incl. Biblical Studies and Church History)

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Both Archbishop Trench and Ellen White published their works on parable interpretation before Jülicher’s decisive rejection of allegorical interpretation became widely known. Thus their hermeneutics of parable interpretation can be fairly compared. Trench and White move freely between commenting on the relevant historical backgrounds and application to the reader’s personal spiritual life. Both are comfortable with a natural theology – that God, as creator, has revealed himself in nature as well is in Scripture. White is more conservative in the amount of allegorization she uses than is Trench, and she places more stress on the immanence of the eschaton.


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