My Reading? Your Reading? Author(ity) and Postmodern Hermeneutics

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Kent, G. J. R. (2014). My reading? Your reading? Author(ity) and postmodern hermeneutics. In R. Cole and P. Petersen (Eds), Hermeneutics, intertextuality and the contemporary meaning of scripture (pp. 95-114). Hindmarsh, Australia: ATF Press.

ISBN: 9781921817977


220401 Christian Studies (incl. Biblical Studies and Church History)

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This essay examines the postmodern theories relevant to biblical hermeneutics, then examines two 'special interest' readings of the book of Ruth - Queer and Postcolonial - and evaluates them. It examines James Barr's critique of postmodern 'readings', then attempts an original reading - Racist - as a reductio ad absurdum to demonstrate that postmodern relativity can sustain no arguments against fascism. It examines fundamentalist flirtation with postmodernism and critiques Walter Brueggemann's early optimism. It then evaluates the usefulness and otherwise of postmodern hermeneutics.


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