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House, M. (2014). Cross-cultural mission as a transformative learning experience. In L. Ball, & J. R. Harrison (Eds.), Learning and teaching theology: Some ways ahead (pp. 211-215). Melbourne, Australia: Morning Star.



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Theological Field Educators provide opportunities for the students to integrate learning with the practice of ministry. This cross cultural experience in Fiji acted as a capstone event with “just in time” learning. It had a maturing effect upon the student’s ministerial readiness.

Students’ sense of their call to ministry and their development of a ministry identity were enhanced. They understood better the importance of servant leadership. Students focused on creating community and its importance for a vitalized ministry. It involved them in ministry outreach and relationships that stretched and nurtured their giftedness. They developed a passion for prayer and the need for the Holy Spirit in their lives. Student’s self-understanding grew. It increased their levels of confidence as ministers.

All students recommended that intercultural learning be an annual event and be incorporated into their theological education.


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