Identity, Faith and Your Life

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Skrzypaszek, J. (2016). Identity, faith and your life. In K. B. De Waal & R. K. McIver (Eds.), No one better: Essays in honour of Dr. Norman H. Young (pp. 155-170). New York, NY: Peter Lang.

ISBN: 978-1-4331-3215-5


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The existing divide between the past and the contemporary life, initiated by the progressive nature of global changes, raises questions about identity. This chapter explores the progressive development of the Seventh-day Adventist identity and its relationship to life’s journey. It argues that from a clear faith-oriented point of reference anchored in the hope of the Second Coming, the early Sabbatarian Adventists searched for new meaning in relation to the past experiences, as well as reference to the future. The dynamic nature of this journey shaped the contours of their identity, not only in the framework of the social, political and religious climate but especially in relation to the progressive understanding of God’s revelation. Hence, the apocalyptic context gave the Seventh-day Adventist church a sense of distinctive identity that enhanced a motivational incentive for the mission, expansion, and religious activity. However, the chapter suggests that the transitional shift from seekers of the truth to the defenders and protectors of the established beliefs and traditions initiated a disengaging insensitivity to the value of a transformational journey with God, and it’s empowerment of the formation of contextually relevant to its time and place identity. In the context of the Abrahamic motif, the chapter explores the spiritual quality of God-conferred identity in an environment that breeds trust and faith in God. It claims that such journey promotes openness to modification and renewal experienced on the dynamic journey of pilgrimage with God.


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