Jesus and Sepphoris: Missing Link or Negative Evidence?

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McIver, R. K. (1997). Jesus and sepphoris: Missing link or negative evidence? In D. Merling (Ed.), To understand the scriptures: Essays in honor of William H. Shea (pp. 221-232). Berrien Springs, MI: Andrews University.

ISBN: 0964206021


220401 Christian Studies (incl. Biblical Studies and Church History)


This paper explores anew the possible connections between Jesus and Sepphoris, together with the contributions that Sepphoris makes to our understanding of the historical Jesus. It will do so by first considering the prima facie case for linking Jesus with Sepphoris despite the fact that Sepphoris is no where mentioned in the New Testament.

It will then examine what archaeologists have discovered about first century AD Sepphoris, after which it will take opportunity to evaluate the implications the discoveries at Sepphoris have for our understanding of Jesus.


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