This collection showcases research published by Avondale affiliated staff from the School of Theology in conference proceedings.


Conference Papers from 2021


Theodicy and Contrasting Eschatological Visions: The Investigative Judgement and the Problem of Evil, Anthony MacPherson

Conference Papers from 2019


Beliefs about Personal Salvation held by Primary and Secondary Teachers in North American Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Wendy Jackson

Conference Papers from 2018

The Value of Organization, 1860-1903, Barry Oliver

Conference Papers from 2017

Unity in the Writings of Ellen G. White, Wendy Jackson

Reorganization of Church Structure, 1901-1903: Some Observations, Barry Oliver

Conference Papers from 2016


Intangible and Tangible Heritage in a Cross-cultural Setting: Integrity Versus Profit, John Skrzypaszek


The Time of Crisis and Prophetic Imagination, John Skrzypaszek

Conference Papers from 2015


A Search for New Meaning: Virtual Landscapes, Identity and the Cross-Cultural Nature of Intangible Heritage, John Skrzypaszek

Suggestions for a Successful Lifelong English Education Currently in Korea, Koot van Wyk and Sook-Young Kim

Conference Papers from 2014


Cultural Heritage: Transformational and Inspiriational Framework for Future Education, John Skrzypaszek


The Flogging of Jesus in the Fourth Gospel, Norman H. Young

Conference Papers from 2013


The Significance of the Place-Historical Narratives in the Context of Spatial Perspective, John Skrzypaszek

Conference Papers from 2012


Conversations about God: Does Skills Training Make a Difference?, Lyn Daff

Conference Papers from 2011


Cross-Cultural Sharing of Spirituality, John Skrzypaszek

Conference Papers from 2000


Mission in the New Millennium: Avondale's Greater Vision, Stephen Currow and Erika Puni

Conference Papers from 1993


The Biblical Basis for Abstinence From Alcohol, Steven W. Thompson

Pronominal Shifts in Paul's Argument to the Galatians, Norman H. Young

Conference Papers from 1986


The Seventh-day Adventist Church and Religious Liberty in Australia: 1885-1900, Donald E. Hansen


The Inter-Relationships Between A. G. Daniells and E. G. White During Their Years in Australasia, Milton Hook


Doctrine and Deed: Adventism's Encounter with its Society in Nineteenth-century Australia, Arthur Patrick