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Daff, L.(2012). Conversations about God: Does skills training make a difference? In R. S. Laura, R. A. Buchanan, & A. K. Chapman (Eds.), God, freedom and nature. Paper presented at the Biennial Conference in Philoophy, Religion and Culture, Catholic Institute of Sydney, Strathfield, 3-5 October (pp. 56-69). Sydney, Australia: Body and Soul Dynamics.

ISBN: 978-0-646-58918-3

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This paper will address relational communication skills. It seeks to explore the importance of relationship skills for Christians and the role skills training can play in skill development which may change our interactions with others. A survey is undertaken of participants from Christian leadership training program that included interpersonal skills development. Participants evaluate their skills prior to and after training as well as commenting on how and why their interaction with others changed. Consideration is also given to the application of skills. [from Introduction of article].


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