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Skrzypaszek, J. (2013). The significance of the place-Historical narratives in the context of sparial perspective. In R. Amoêda, S. Lira, & C. Pinheiro (Eds.), Sharing Cultures 2013. Paper presented at the International Conference on Intangible Heritage, The Cultural and Congress Center, Aveiro, 24-26 July (pp. 255-264). Barcelos, Portugal: Green Lines Institute for Sustainable Development.

ISBN: 978-989-98013-3-2


120102 Architectural Heritage and Conservation

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This paper explores the significance of the relationship between the historic heritage building named Sunnyside and the unique narrative of the land. The argument flows from a case study involving a proposal to relocate the named building to a different location. In contrast, this study argues that relocation to a new site would generate a different story. For this purpose, it provides supportive historical evidence to show the close relational tie between the historic building, its actual site and the place-historical narrative. The hub of the discussion centres on the concept of spatial perspective and its contribution to the sustainability of the historic building in its current location as part of the grand-historical narrative. Here, the arguments focus on the impact of the collective consciousness and the role of what this study refers to as a pathway of spiritual and reflective pilgrimage. Finally, it concludes with the recommendation that any plans and policies relating to the preservation and sustainability of the heritage buildings need to move beyond the scope of temporal needs. Rather, they need to retain in its visioning a complete inclusion of the grand-historical narrative of the place.