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International Conference on Intangible Heritage


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This paper explores the nature of the Australian Aborigine and Christian spirituality. It demonstrates that the indigenous spirituality shows a strong tie between the spiritual realm and life's journey. The cultural symbolism, which reflects cosmology, shows that the mystical nature of the spiritual journey is deeply immersed in the totality of the Aboriginal life and consciousness. The study recognizes that the Aboriginal and Christian worldviews are distinctly different. However, it argues that the Aboriginal Christian spirituality may be enhanced by the qualities embedded in its indigenous roots. The study demonstrates that, at the point where propositional creed-based structure of the Christian faith creates a spiritual vacuum, the indigenous spirituality provides a natural bridge for spiritual healing and emotional stability. Further, the experiential and participative involvement in rites restores a sense of identity, security and purpose. Finally, it suggests that the development of spirituality in the indigenous Christan context includes aspects of cultural continuity, as well as the challenge of transformational adjustment to new experiences.


Used by permission: Green Lines Institute for Sustainable Development

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