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Skrzypaszek, J. (2014). Cultural heritage: transformational and inspirational framework for future education. In R. Amoeda, S. Lira, & C. Pinheiro (Eds.), Heritage 2014. Paper presented at the International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development, Guimaraes, 22-25 July (pp. 761-768). Barcelos, Portugal: Greenlines Institute for Sustainable Development.



200204 Cultural Theory| 210202 Heritage and Cultural Conservation

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This paper explores the connection between cultural heritage and its pedagogical value for future generations. Research unfolds a plethora of discussions being designed to demonstrate the close connection between cultural heritage and its significance in contemporary life. The attempts to connect the past with the present underline the need for contextualized meanings. Concurrently, it unfolds the challenges associated with the adaptation of cultural heritage to the progressive spread of globalization and advancement in technology. The demands for contextualized adaptability in the framework of universality create what this study refers to as a pathway of cultural progress with a misplaced focus. Further, it argues that the misplaced cultural focus engenders a state of cognitive dissonance that does not provide an ongoing pathway of creative and future oriented framework for education. In response, it provides an alternative solution named the pathway of cohesive cultural continuity. It shows that the role of cultural heritage needs to align with the broader view of a holistic approach to cultural heritage and its role in education. Finally, the paper concludes by showing, how the emphasis on the transformational spirit of human ingenuity generates a unifying link with the symbolism of the past and provides a vision-oriented inspiration for the future.


Used by permission: Green Lines Institute for Sustainable Development

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