This collection showcases the creative works produced by Avondale affiliated staff from the School of Theology.


Creative Works from 2016


English Bible Reading: Genesis 4-20, Sook Young Kim

Creative Works from 2015


Jesus is the Real Deal, Milton Hook


Let Us Give Thanks, Milton Hook


Lord, Teach us How to Pray, Milton Hook


Only for the Thirsty, Milton Hook


Prayer and Sacrifice, Milton Hook

In the Beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth, Sook Young Kim


Date-Setting 2300 Evenings and Mornings of Daniel 8:14, Koot van Wyk

Creative Works from 2014

Zechariah 10, Sook-Young Kim

Zechariah 11, Sook-Young Kim

Zechariah 12, Sook-Young Kim

Zechariah 13, Sook-Young Kim

Zechariah 14, Sook-Young Kim

Zechariah 7, Sook-Young Kim

Zechariah 8, Sook-Young Kim

Zechariah 9, Sook-Young Kim

Daniel 1, Koot van Wyk

Daniel 12, Koot van Wyk

Isaiah 12, Koot van Wyk

Isaiah 32, Koot van Wyk


Pastoral Sheep or Sheepish Pastors?, Koot van Wyk

Creative Works from 2013


The Book of Testosteronomy, Eddie Hypolite

Psalms 90, Sook-Young Kim

Psalms 91, Sook-Young Kim

Psalms 92, Sook-Young Kim

Psalms 93, Sook-Young Kim

Psalms 94, Sook-Young Kim

Psalms 95, Sook-Young Kim

Psalms 96, Sook-Young Kim

Psalms 97, Sook-Young Kim

2 Samuel 24, Koot van Wyk

2 Samuel 7, Koot van Wyk

Job 1, Koot van Wyk

Job 42, Koot van Wyk


Textual Analysis of Duplicates of the Sources of Sennacherib’s Campaigns, Koot van Wyk