Textual Analysis of Duplicates of the Sources of Sennacherib’s Campaigns

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van Wyk, K. (2013, January 02). Textual analysis of duplicates of the sources of Sennacherib’s campaigns [web blog post]. Retrieved from http://www.egw.org/


220401 Christian Studies (incl. Biblical Studies and Church History)


The research method of VANWYK NOTE is to research on topics of interest to the researcher in coherence with the topics of possible interest to a wider audience for online media. Various subjects in and around Scripture and religious history until contemporary times were selected and investigated. Finally the blogs or articles were uploaded. The goal in each writing is to investigate the original sources as careful as possible to enhance the quality of the research. A number of articles are new discoveries or presenting surprising confirmation to old truths already known in the Seventh-day Adventist denomination. One can term these articles “Affirmatory” in character since this researcher is working with a hermeneutics of affirmation and not a hermeneutics of suspicion, which is destructive and leads to nihilism. The purpose is to contribute not with less than acceptable science, but with rational empiricism selecting from the whole of science in ambiguous situations that serve the Word of God rather than those that don’t. The standard of research is to be upheld nonetheless. The faith approach to science does not lessen the standard but rather increases it, since around the corner critics are ready to question it. One eye of the researcher thus peeks around the corner to see if the critics might challenge a statement but as a whole it is written to enhance faith not demolish it.


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