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House, M. (2015). Improving theological education using intercultural mission. Asia-Africa Journal of Mission and Ministry, 12, 43-57.

ISSN: 2092-741X


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One model for improving theological training is Avondale’s Mission Immersion Experiences for ministry students. These intercultural service-oriented experiences have provided opportunities for transformative learning by placing students in a new and challenging context. This immersion has initiated the refashioning of students’ communication and relational skills. It has caused them to be more self-aware and increased their confidence levels in ministry. As their cultural competencies have risen they have experienced confirmation of their calling and an increase in their confidence in their own readiness for ministry.

This paper reports on the research into the personal, spiritual and professional impact upon Avondale’s ministry students of the 2013 Mission Immersion in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific. It compares the results of the extensive questionnaire with the 2012 results to show how student transformational learning is being optimised. It assessed the students’ responses to gauge the level of success in reaching the following goals: to build spirituality and personal transformation, to mature student ministry readiness and identity, and to improve student’s commitment to mission. Strengths and weaknesses of the current program are reviewed and student’s responses to new questions on their personal development are presented. The students’ responses, from the more intercultural and evangelistically experienced 2013 cohort, show a continuing personal and professional transformation of students by this intercultural learning. The students’ responses of increased spirituality are staying optimal.


Used by permission: Asia-Africa Journal of Mission & Ministry (AAMM)

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