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Roennfeldt, R. (2008). Issues in studying the Bible in secondary school religion classes. Teach Journal of Christian Education, 2(1), 12-16. Retrieved from


The use of the Bible in Religion classes— variously referred to as Bible, Scripture, or Studies of Religion classes—in the Christian secondary education context appears to be something that should naturally take place. However, two issues may stand in the way of biblical study actually happening. First, it is all too easy to talk about the Bible without really studying it in any great depth. This article attempts to provide educators with some practical suggestions regarding effective scriptural study. Second, is the problem of not knowing where to start and perhaps where to finish. What is one to do with the biblical stories that seem inappropriate for early high school students? What if the Bible teacher gets out of her / his depth and cannot deal with the questions and issues raised by questing teenagers? How is one to deal with the considerable diversity within the Bible on many issues as well as with the vast disparity between contemporary culture and biblical culture/s? Again, I will attempt to provide some assistance in these areas.


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