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Hughes, O. L. (1988). Created in the image of God: A Christian view of human personality. In H. Rasi (Ed.),Christ in the Classroom . Paper presented at the Institute for Christian College Teaching, Union College, Lincoln, Nebraska (pp. 75-94). Silver Spring, MD: Institute for Christian Teaching.


It is not the purpose of this paper to provide a theological exposition of the term, image of God. This has been done elsewhere (Barth 1958 p. 192 ff; Berkouwer 1962; Clines 1967; Jewett 1975). It is the purpose of this paper, rather, to explore some of the areas of contact between human personality theory and the Christian understanding of the image of God. The literature that presents human personality within the context of the image of God (Genesis 1:26; 5:2 and 9:6) will be briefly reviewed. This will be followed by an attempt to synthesize the common elements of the literature surveyed. A model will then be advanced that presents the concept of the image of God in a structured form. The paper concludes with a summary statement of the significance of the issues addressed for Christian teachers.


Used by permission: Institute for Christian Teaching

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