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Young, N. (1998). Who's cursed-and why? Journal of Biblical Literature, 117(1), 79-92.

ISSN: 0021-9231


The meaning of almost every phrase in Gal 3:10-14 is disputed. Scholars have very diverse opinions about the intended referent of όσοι. . . έξ έργων νόμου; why this group is under a curse; how Pauls proof text (Deut 27:26) supports his opening statement; whether there is an implied premise in his argument or not; what point he is hoping to make by juxtaposing Hab 2:4 with Lev 18:5; and whether the first person plurals refer exclusively to Jews or also include the Gentiles. This essay contends that the key to resolving these debated points is found in Pauls use of Deut 27:26 as a proof text. The problem is that his quotation appears to refute rather than support his own assertion. If this anomaly can be solved, most of the others will also be clarified.


Used by permission: Society of Biblical Literature and the author.