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House, M., & London, L. H. (2014). Sabbath - Opportunity for authentic community. Davaria, 2(2), 18-23. Retrieved from


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The Sabbath was designed at the creation as a time of fellowship, community and relationship enriched by the presence of God. The sanctification of the day encouraged the building of rich human and divine relationships and where we also see our connection to all the creation.

By reminding us of our true relationship to God and to each other, the Sabbath provides an opportunity to relate as inclusive humans. Sabbath is the opportunity to set aside differences of race, gender, age and character and find unity in the love and adoration of God. Unity is possible within the divine model of fellowship, love and acceptance.

As a time of emptying it gives opportunity for reflection and for repentance and provides opportunity for us to share and support each other in a unified goal of oneness with God and single-minded empathy. The Sabbath provides a time of unified purpose, community harmony and the need to belong. It is a day of enriched relational development, providing a time of free-flowing communication without distractions to hinder understanding. It is a time for reflection upon our relationship, choices, our walk with God, and our privilege to rejoice in community.


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