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House, M., & Parker, M. (2015). Transformational education through intercultural service learning immersions. Reflective Practice: Formation and Supervision in Ministry, 35, 189-201. Retrieved from

ISSN: 2325-2855


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Theological educators are searching for capstone events and units that will maximise formation and enable ministerial students to find their ministerial identity and style. The contemporary context requires that cultural awareness and intercultural capacities be included in course outcomes. Avondale Seminary has found that intercultural service learning, where reflection is added as an integral facet of learning, provides the desired positive learning outcomes. We have trialled the use of intercultural service learning with selected ministerial students over the last three years to maximise the spiritual and professional formation of our ministerial students deepening their sense of calling and readiness for full-time ministry. Service learning in an overseas context stretched our ministerial students’ communication and relational skills, requiring them to solve multiple problems by adjusting their attitudes, approaches, and ministry skills. The curriculum design has been informed by Meizirow’s and Deardorff’s models and the writings of Tortorici and Gale, Zimmerman and Neyer, Moon, and Bamber and Hankin. Students’ responses, included in the article, reveal deep personal, relational, professional and spiritual growth. The creation of new instruments and processes to enrich the student experience overseas is also explored.


Used by permission: Reflective Practice

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