A Relational Model of Evangelism to Differing Worldviews

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House, M. (2015). A relational model of evangelism to differing worldviews. Asia-Africa Journal of Mission and Ministry, 11, 171-182.

ISSN: 2092-741X


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The opportunity to communicate with differing worldviews has increased. Equipping those wanting to engage with diverse worldviews is necessary. Too often communication between diverse groups has taken a polemic or hostile form and therefore led to alienation and frustration. Our engagement with others needs to reflect the character of our God. Our methods must be as Christian as our message. Non-relational approaches misrepresent our goals and our God. They raise barriers that may never be removed.

This paper provides a new model to minimise friction and maximise a more relational approach to communication. Nine steps from “Being Secure in your own identity”; “Listening to understand”; and “Searching for commonality;” through to “Inviting others into a bigger picture of reality and truth;” are explored from a relational perspective. Each step is evaluated in the light of its contribution to relational evangelism. Some illustrations on the effectiveness and practical use of the model are offered. This model seeks to build bridges in relationships slowly and journey people though to new learning. The security of knowing Jesus personally will enable our openness to discoveries that are contagious. In focusing upon an individual’s values our future interactions will be more respectful. Creative application of the principles of this model will be as diverse as the worldviews and people we seek to engage.


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