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Bachelor of Education (Primary) (Honours) BEd (Primary) (Hons)


Education & Science



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Beverly Christian

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Dr. Andrew Matthes


130103 Higher Education


The Christian tertiary institutions‟ ethos, mission and values impacts on students not of the particular faith of the Christian educational institution. This study investigated six fourth year education students‟ experiences at Avondale College during their time of study. A review of the literature reveals a strong focus on the role of education in a Christian university, the ethos, mission and values that govern the university, as well as the faculty that maintain the Christian ethos of the university. The literature also highlights the danger of Christian universities and colleges moving progressively towards secularization, and suggests corrective measures to reacquaint with the founding vision and mission of the Christian university. The process of emergent design within the use of the case study as a research method was used to gather data through the use of face-to-face interviews. The data revealed that the students were impacted by Avondale College‟s ethos, mission and values during their time of study, especially through the authentic relationships formed with lecturers. Furthermore, the results indicated that the authentic relationships with lecturers impacted students beyond their academic achievements. It also impacted them in their social, professional, spiritual and intra-personal connections with Avondale College. The study concluded that the ethos, mission and values of a Christian institution are most likely to have an impact on students‟ lives through the authentic relationships they form with their lecturers.


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A print copy of this thesis is held in the Avondale College Library (SC Theses 378.0716732 C33).

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