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Master of Nursing MNurs


Faculty of Nursing and Health


Community nurses spend much of their time in the treatment and prevention of recurrence of venous leg ulcers. Failure by patients to follow treatment regimes that include compression therapy, diet, exercise and leg elevation is the source of much frustration for community nurses who are quick to label these patients as "non-compliant". Why is it that some patients will adopt health behaviours that are beneficial for the healing of venous leg ulcers and other patients will not? What can community nurses do to encourage participation in the above, self-care activities? A complex relationship between multiple factors that influence patients' decisions to adopt beneficial health behaviours exists. By encouraging the patient to identify personal influencing factors, a plan of care can be created together between the patient and the nurse. The required shift in attitude of the community nurse to form this "partnership" may contribute to less labelling of patients as non-compliant.


Used by permission: the author.

A print copy of this thesis is held in the Avondale College Library (Sydney SC Theses 616.545 SPA).