A Case Study of Pedagogical Responses to Internationalisation at a Faith-Based Secondary School in Australia

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Doctor of Education





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Margaret Kettle

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Joanne Brownlee


This case study investigates the pedagogical responses of a faith-based Australian secondary school to internationalisation. Using a social constructivist theoretical framework that recognises teaching as a means of enhancing and scaffolding student participation and learning, the study examines teaching and learning for culturally and linguistically diverse students. In particular, the research investigates the views of teachers about the resources needed to meet the linguistic, academic and social needs of the diverse student group emerging as a response to internationalisation. Data generated through questionnaires, focus groups and individual interviews, and document archives were analysed and interpreted using thematic analysis and social constructivist principles. The study found teachers considered themselves ill-equipped to teach international students. The teachers believed they lacked the pedagogical, cultural and linguistic knowledge to help students acculturate and learn. The recommendations of this study relate to ways the school can address the teachers’ needs within its particular context and values.


Doctor of Education (DEd) Thesis. Centre for Learning Innovation, Faculty of Education, Queensland University of Technology.

Staff and students of Avondale College may access a print copy of this thesis from Avondale College Library (373.180994 H28)

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Hattingh, S. J. (2013). A case study of pedagogical responses to internationalisation at a faith-based secondary school in Australia.(Doctoral thesis, Queensland University of Technology). Retrieved from https://eprints.qut.edu.au/62443/.