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University of Newcastle

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Master of Educational Studies



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Dr. Sid Bourke


Student attitudes toward computers are important to the success of the many computer-assisted programs that are currently being run in Australian schools. This study of 379 Year 10 students examined the effects of age, sex, personality, previous computer use (home, school, and other), attitudes to school subjects (English, Mathematics and Science), attitudes to teachers, and attitudes to technology on students' attitudes to computers (computer liking, and computer confidence).

Previous computer use and attitudes to technology were found to be significantly related to more positive attitudes on each of the two computer scales. Attitudes to science was found significantly related to computer confidence. Sex, age, and personality, were found to indirectly affect students' attitudes to confidence. No relationship was found between students' attitudes to teachers and their attitudes to computers.


Master of Educational Studies (MEdSt) Thesis. The University of Newcastle

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