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Master of Arts (Theology) MA(Theol)


Arts & Theology


Ministry and Theology

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Pr. Bryan Craig


The styles of music utilised in Seventh-day Adventist youth ministry is an area which can be stifled by pharisaical prejudice and become an embarrassment in our witness, and more importantly, the nurture of youth in the church suffer unnecessarily in several respects: the consequences of unbalanced and immature modelling of Christian attitudes; their enjoyment of worship; their enjoyment of music; and their Christian experience and witness.


Research Project (M.A.)

Andrews University, School of Graduate Studies, Avondale Campus, 1988.

Published with permission from Andrews University.

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Recommended Citation

Roberts, G. C. (1988). Contemporary music styles in Adventist youth ministry (Master's project). Andrews University, Avondale Campus, Australia: Andrews University.