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Andrews University (Avondale)

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Master of Arts (Theology) MA(Theol)


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Kerry Hortop


Problem: One of the many problems which Yugoslav Adventists have confronted in Australia is that of cultural conflict between the first arrivals and their children who have been born and/or reared in Australia. This problem has kept the families under constant pressure and gradually has been transmitted to the ethnic church with the final result that some members from the second generation have found that the church does not meet their needs and expectations. The purpose of this research is to understand the nature of the problem and to suggest possible solutions for preventing apostasy among the adherents of the second generation of Yugoslav Adventist Churches in Australia.

Method: A Biblical theology of apostasy was needed to form the basis on which the findings of the social sciences could be used to build a ministry programme for ethnic families and especially for the members of the second generation.

Procedure: The problem of apostasy was examined from the perspective of both OT and NT literature, in addition to the writings of Ellen G. White. Research of the social sciences in the area of the "migrant and culture" was reviewed. Extensive research was done in the four Yugoslav Adventist churches in order to obtain needed facts about Yugoslav Adventist people. A programme was then designed and presented to the Sydney Yugoslav Adventist Church. A ministry programme was then implemented, being based upon the assessment of the church members and the pastor, and from the writer's observations.

Results: The cultural differences which exist within the family and within the church are the major factors which lead some members of the second generation to abandon the church. A better understanding of the nature of the problem is an essential step toward overcoming the difficulties.

Conclusions: Cross-cultural evangelism is a very challenging area. It makes the gospel relevant to people of different cultures and nationalities. However, it demands the understanding of various problems and uncertainties which are confronting the migrant people in order that ministry to them can be fruitful and rewarding.


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Andrews University, School of Graduate Studies, Avondale Campus, 1984.

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